About Us

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Our Story

After raising our 3 sons, Bruce brought up his dream of sailing around the world. Laurie's response was, "And with which wife will you be doing that?" Needless to say that idea was scrubbed, but the dream of driving around the world was born.


Our "Qualifications"

Bruce is a computer systems administrator for the veterinary college at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington. Even though that makes him a geek, he was raised on a wheat farm and has a degree in vocational agriculture so he's actually a great mechanic and trouble shooter.

Laurie is a registered nurse specializing in obstetrics, and she greatly hopes that somewhere, sometime she comes across someone who's having a baby, because she really doesn't know much about sick people! She's still a Girl Scout at heart--always prepared (just ask to see her lists if you need proof) and ready for adventure.


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