Camping in Mexico

     Before starting on our trip, we had the idea that we’d just stop wherever we wanted, pull over, and spend the night. That used to work great for us on our past trips to Baja. Sadly, times they are a changin’, and most of the experienced travelers we’ve met have discouraged us from the practice of random wild camping–for safety reasons. They recommend getting permission to stay at gas stations, restaurant or hotel parking lots, and the like if we can’t find an RV park.

The camping game changer for us was the discovery of the phone app “iOverlander”. (Insert sound of angelic harps playing and singing aaahhhhh!) It’s a database of places for travelers by travelers who’ve been there that lets you look on the map to find your next camping spot as well as things to do and resources nearby. It includes gas stations and other businesses that allow free camping in their parking lots, safe wild camping spots, and RV parks. The app also provides pertinent info about what to expect and a link to Google Maps with GPS coordinates to the location. It’s been a huge help for us, since finding safe places to camp was one of Laurie’s biggest concerns before starting this trip.

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