Route Reversal!

I heard a quote a while back that said, “Be fluid, because flexible is too rigid.” We’re definitely getting the feeling that applies to around the world travel! During a ‘Route Planning Through Asia’ class we took at the Overland Expo in Flagstaff last month we found out that Thailand has closed its borders to all RVs. Since Thailand is basically the entryway into SE Asia, we’ve decided to change our direction of travel in hope that their borders will reopen by the time we near Asia. As a result, instead of Alaska, Mexico, and Australia, we’re suddenly headed for Europe then Africa. We haven’t had time to do much research, so we’d love to have your recommendations for places we should visit.


  1. Love your blog, rig and attitude! For some reading on routes in Africa, my two dear friends are currently biking and blogging through Southeast Africa. here is their blog for detailed information on road tripping in that area. Good luck on your planning and travel!

    1. livingstone

      Thanks for the feedback and link–we’ll enjoy following your friends!

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