The Stupid Pass

We know that inevitably we will make occasional stupid travel decisions as our journey progresses. Rochelle Mou, an experienced “overlander” (fellow crazy person driving around the world), created “The Stupid Pass” to help her and her partner defuse those situations. It seemed like a brilliant idea so we developed our own version of “The Stupid Pass”. The rule is that earning four Stupid Passes in a month revokes your right to make any more travel decisions that month. Little did we know how soon the pass would be used! Driving over 200 miles of narrow road between El Rosario and Guerrero Negro full of 2” to 5”deep potholes would try the patience of a saint (which we’re not), so suffice it to say the drive was, uh, bone-jarring. Infraction: driving (way) too fast and having direct hits on (way) too many potholes.

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