What We’re Driving

Our truck is a high clearance four-wheel drive Ford 550. It holds 100 gallons of diesel, 30 gallons of gas (for our generators and KTM 500 EXC motorcycle), and 100 gallons of water. Bruce has installed a super water filtration system, so theoretically we can throw a hose into any fresh water source, no matter how sketchy, and have purified water come out our tap. (I will be allowing Bruce to test this process for a few days before I’m willing to try this water—just sayin’!). To help conserve water we have a composting toilet that uses a biological process to break down waste without using water. The box on the back is our “garage”. It has a power lift for getting the motorcycle in and out as well as room for 2 spare tires, 2 bikes, and 2 inflatable kayaks.

If you'd like an in-depth description of the building process, you'll find all the details on Bruce's Expedition Portal build blog: (you need an account to see pictures 'in-line')

Truck Camper Magazine also did a 2 part article on Livingstone with lots of photos Part-1 and Part-2:

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