Where we’re going

The itinerary for our journey is extensive. For our first leg we drove from our former home in Pullman to Baja, Mexico--one of our favorite places to visit. Two and a half sun-and-fun-filled months later we took the ferry to mainland Mexico, where we'll explore until June 2018. After a return to the Pacific Northwest to say good-bye to family and friends (again) we'll head out on our next leg of the journey: explore Canada as we drive cross country to the Canadian shipping port of Halifax, Nova Scotia. That's where Livingstone will be placed in a cargo container for shipping across the Atlantic Ocean. We'll meet up again in Europe (probably Liverpool), then spend the next three or more months exploring Europe. After that it's off to Morocco as we start making our way down the west coast of Africa to Southern Africa. Then it's up the east coast to the Serengeti to experience the various seasons of the Great Migration, and back to Turkey to complete the fourth leg of our journey. At this point, the borders in Thailand are closed to RV's, which closes our chosen route through Asia to Australia, so only time will tell where our fifth leg will take us.

Our exact route will be determined by safety and political issues at the time, but at this point our tentative route covers 72,000 miles and 43 different countries. Some of the route below is not entirely safe at this time, but we are hopeful that things will be different by the time we need that route. For safety reasons we won't be sharing the specifics of where we are going, and even the legs below that have links to maps are really just approximations. After we've traveled to a place, however, we'll post the route that we took.

Leg #   raw route side trips total miles cumuli mi months cumulative years
1 Pullman/Madison/Cleveland/Halifax/        3,878           388 4265.8                                4,266 1 0.1
2 Ship Halifax Canada to Europe
              -   0   1  
3 Northern Europe        4,000           400 4400                                8,666 3 0.3
4 Istanbul to Nairobi       12,500        1,250 13750                            22,416 14 1.5
5 Serengeti        2,711        3,000 5711                            28,127 6 2.0
6 Nairobi to Hamburg        9,750           975 10725                            38,852 3 2.3
9 Hamburg scandinavia hamburg        3,750           375 4125                            42,977 3 2.5
10 Southern Europe        4,300           430 4730                            47,707 3 2.8
11 Turkey to Japan 8100 810 8910                            56,617 5 3.2
12 Ship Japan to Valparaíso, Chile                            56,617 1 3.3
13 Valparaíso to Ecuador 7250 725 7975                            64,592 9 4.0
14 Ship Ecuador to Mexico                            64,592 1 4.1
15 Acapulco to Pullman WA 7000 700 7700                            72,292 5 4.5
Months of shipping: 3  

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